2019 New Holland Agriculture Haybine® Mower-Conditioner 472

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New Holland Agriculture
Haybine® Mower-Conditioner 472



  • The Industries First and Still The Best: Since 1964 when New Holland introduced the first combined sickle mower and conditioner, the Haybine® name has been synonymous with time-saving, impeccable cutting performance, fast drying, and time-tested reliability. New Holland continues this legacy with Haybine model 472 and 488 side-pull mower-conditioners and H7150 center-pivot, trail frame for HS Series 14-, 16-, and 18-foot mower-conditioner heads.
  • 472 and 488 Model Haybine® Mower-Conditioners: These side-pull models offer traditional producers just right capacity with a low power requirement and base models require no hydraulic connections ideally suited for classic tractors, many of today's compact models, as well as small utility tractor models.
  • H7150 Haybine® Mower-Conditioner Trail Frame For HS Series Heads: If you're looking for consistent, high cutting quality combined with high capacity, look no further than the H7150 Haybine mower-conditioner trail frame paired with an HS Series sickle mower-conditioner head, available in cutting widths of 14, 16, or 18 feet. The center-pivot design combined with dual, counter-stroking sickles and wide cutting widths makes short work of large acreages.
Cutterbar Features
  • Smooth, Reliable Cutting: Haybine® mower-conditioners lead the pack in cutting through heavy, down and tangled crops. That smooth, reliable cutting starts with over-serrated, bolt-on knife sections, adjustable sickle hold-down clips and square back-bar guards. And Haybine sickle drive systems are designed to provide clean cutting, less wear and vibration, with minimum maintenance.
  • Single Knife Drive (472 and 488): The 472 and 488 feature New Holland’s proven single knife drive system. The reliable wobble joint sickle drive delivers fast sickle speed for clean cutting with minimum maintenance.
  • Dual, Counter-Stroking Sickles (H7150): Dual, counter-stroking sickles deliver smooth, clean cutting on the Model H7150 and HS 14-, 16- and 18-foot heads. They’re gear driven from both sides, operate with less vibration and are easy to service. A 1800-strokes-per-minute sickle speed plus a full 3-inch stroke combine for fast, high-capacity cutting.
  • Adjustable Cutting Angle and Height: It’s easy to make a mechanical adjustment to knife and guard angle on the 472 and 488 models to suit crop and field conditions. Hydraulic cutting angle adjustment is standard with the H7150 trail frame, allowing changes on the go, right from the tractor seat, which is ideal for working in rocky fields. Adjustable header skid shoes allow for easy changes in cutting height.
  • Consistent Crop Flow and Uniform Conditioning: The smaller 472 and 488 models feature a design where the reel sweeps crop directly from the cutterbar into the conditioning system for a smooth and direct crop flow. Reel speeds can be adjusted to compensate for crop conditions and ground speeds.
  • The high-capacity, center-pivot H7150 is equipped with an HS Series Haybine® sickle mower-conditioner head that features a fully adjustable five-bat reel that smoothly sweeps crop from the wide 14-, 16-, and 18-foot cutterbars into the crop auger where it is uniformly fed into the conditioning system. Reel speed is variable using an adjustable sheave thatprovides an effective adjustment of reel tine tip speed to compensate for crop conditions and ground speeds.
Conditioning Features
  • The Heart of Every Haybine—conditioning: Get gentle but thorough conditioning from New Holland chevron-design intermeshing rubber rolls. Their unique spiraled pattern helps grip the crop and keep it moving. The lugs crack the stem every three to four inches to release moisture for fast drydown.
  • Unique Roll-Pressure System: Don’t get bogged down with crop plugging. The New Holland torsion-bar roll-pressure system applies near-constant pressure to the crop, even as the crop mat thickness changes, delivering the most consistent conditioning available. When the rolls reach their maximum opening, the pressure decreases automatically to permit slugs of crop to pass through without plugging.
  • Easy No-Tools Pressure Adjustment: A turn of a crank is all it takes to change conditioning pressure to match field conditions. No tools are required. The critical roll-gap and roll tension can be adjusted for optimal conditioning, as well. For legumes, the roll should be maintained between 1/64 and 1/16 inches for optimum drydown.
  • Model 472 and 488: Standard with Rubber Roll Conditioning: Model 478 and 488 are available with the proven New Holland chevron-design intermeshing rubber rolls. These rolls are nearly as wide as the cut to provide uniform conditioning to promote fast drying windrows or wide swaths.
  • Model H7150 and HS Series Haybine Head: Conditioning System Options: For the commercial hay producer, a range of conditioning roll options includes our versatile chevron-design intermeshing rubber rolls. The gentle handling and full-stem crimping and cracking action promotes fast drying while protecting delicate leaves for maximum forage quality. Choose durable chevron-design intermeshing steel rolls when cutting green feed forage crops, extra-tall grasses, and cane-type crops. The steel chevron-design feeds crop uniformly and all-steel construction resists wear in abrasive crops and conditions. If you’re considering full-stem crushing for fast drying, high-contact rolls are specially machined for an exact fit for complete stem conditioning. These urethane rolls feature a machined groove to grip and move crop efficiently without sharp angles that can damage valuable leaves.
Side-Pull and Center-Pivot Designs Features
  • Mow and Condition with Even Small Utility Tractors: Ideal for small acreage operations, the side-pull Haybine® models 472 and 488 offer traditional producers clean sickle cutting while requiring minimal tractor horsepower requirements of only 30 and 35 PTO horsepower respectively. The side-pull design works well for producers who mow small contour strips, and oddly shaped fields. With the mower-conditioner offset to the tractor’s right side, the design allows you to mow clockwise around fields. The standard drawbar attachment offers easy drop pin hookup without a drawbar extension.
  • The Convenience of A Pivot-Tongue Hitch: Get the capacity of a self-propelled windrower with the center-pivot design that’s standard on the H7150 trail frame when equipped up with an HS Series 14-, 16-, or 18-foot head.
  • No Tractor Hydraulics Required: Haybine® models 472 and 488 require no tractor hydraulics whatsoever. A rope-pull tongue swing latch is provided to transition from transport to working positions, then just manually lower the head and go to work. For tractors with at least one single-acting hydraulic circuit, an optional hydraulic head lift kit is available.
  • Auger: NA
  • Floating range, in. (mm): NA
  • Speed, rpm: NA
  • Conditioner: Chevron-design intermeshing molded rubber rolls, torsion-bar roll pressure, single hand-crank adjustment
  • Roll length (crushing area), in. (mm): 85 (2159)
  • Roll diameter, in. (mm): 7-3/4 (199)
  • Drives: Individual, #50 roller chain
  • Speed, rpm: 818
  • Pressure, lbs./in. (N/mm): 2 to 38 (0.3 to 6.6)
  • Roll gap adjustment: Shims
  • Material discharge, in. (mm): Adjustable gate for swath, windrow or intermediate widths
  • Cutterbar: One assembly
  • Knives: Bolted, over-serrated sections, adjustable assemblies, timed, dual, counter-stroking sickles
  • Guards: Twin, forged steel, double-hardened hold-downs
  • Cutting height, in. (mm): 1.25 to 4.25 (32 to 108)
  • Cutting angle, degrees: -7 or -10
  • Hydraulic tilt: NA
  • Guard points max lift, in. (mm): 18-1/2 (470)
  • Skid shoes: 2
  • Sickle drive: wobble joint
  • Sickle speed, spm: 1632
  • Sickle stroke, in. (mm): 3 (76)
Cutting Width
  • Cutting Width, ft. in. (mm): 7'3" (2210)
  • Overall width, operating, ft. in. (mm): 11'11" (3632)
  • Overall width, transport, ft. in. (mm): 10'4-3/4" (3168)
  • Overall length, transport, ft. in. (mm): 13'1" (3988)
  • Overall height, operating, ft. in. (mm): 3'5-3/4" (1060)
  • Overall height, raised, ft. in. (mm): 4'8" (1422)
  • Drive: 540 rpm PTO
Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Hydraulic Cylinders: Optional header lift, Rope control
Minimum Tractor Req
  • Minimum Tractor Req: 30-hp (22.4 kw)
Operating Speed
  • Operating Speed, mph (kph): up to 8 (13)
  • Max safe transport speed, mph (kph): 25 (40)
  • Reel: 4-tine bar
  • Peripheral speed, mph (kph): 6.2 to 8.2 (10.4 to 13.2)
  • Speed Adjustment: Variable sheave
  • Diameter (maximum), ft. in. (mm): 3'6-1/4" (1073)
  • Adjustments: Fore/aft, vertical, pitch
  • Drive: Belt and chain
  • Bushings/bearings, in. (mm): 1.25 (31.75) bearing w/collar at cam end and bushings at all other locations
  • Tires: 25 x 7.50-15 flotation
Tractor Hookup
  • Tractor Hookup: Equal-angle PTO
  • Weight, lbs. (kg): 2110 (957)



Working Width
7 ft. 3 in. (2210 mm)
10 ft. 4-3/4 in. (3168 mm)
13 ft. 1 in. (3988 mm)
2110 lb. (957 kg)
Recommended HP
30-hp (22.4 kw)

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