2019 New Holland Agriculture BigBaler 330 Plus CropCutter™ Packer Cutter

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New Holland Agriculture
BigBaler 330 Plus CropCutter™ Packer Cutter



  • Superior Bale Density From The Leader In Haytools: Density is king when it comes to producing big bales. New Holland's lineup of BigBaler Plus large square balers features a bale chamber that is 31.5 inches longer to create bales with up to 10% higher bale density compared to previous non-Plus models. You get impressive bale shape and more consistent bale density throughout the day. Packing more crop into each bale results in more efficient bale handling, storage and transport.
  • Higher Speeds and Higher Bale Quality: It's a competitive market and New Holland BigBalers are designed to make superior, square, dense bales every time with no excuses. The industry-leading pre-compression chamber ensures perfect flake formation, and the three-way density system builds solid bales. SmartFill™ bale flake formation indicators provide real-time feedback to ensure consistent performance in any windrow or field condition.
  • New Biomass Option: Biomass pre-charge chamber bands are available as a factory-installed option to improve crop flow in stalky, thick-stemmed biomass crops like cornstalks, sunflowers and miscanthus.
  • Ruggedness To Match Capacity: BigBalers are built to handle capacity. The reinforced plunger design is more durable for up to 50% longer plunger life. The newly redesigned flywheel reduces driveline stress when baling uneven swaths. The heavier PTO driveline is durable enough to handle up to 40% more peak torque than previous models. The strong triple reduction main drive gearbox and rugged frame add to overall BigBaler durability.
  • Ultimate Maneuverability: The slim BigBaler hitch design saves you time and fuel on every headland turn. The sculpted body and pivoting PTO make tight turns a reality. The addition of optional AutoSteer™ tandem axles can enhance the turning of the baler, limiting crown damage and soil disturbance.
  • Better Visibility For Better Productivity: More LED illumination provides greater visibility in all conditions for increased operator efficiency. New LED work and service lights provide clear illumination in key areas — at the twine boxes, needles, knotters, right-hand and left-hand stuffer, pickup and rear safety rail.
  • Axle Choices: Choose the axle to match your terrain - the single axle, standard steerable AutoSteer™ tandem axle or large-wheel steerable AutoSteer™ tandem axle with 22.5-inch flotation tires for low soil pressures and higher field speed.
MaxiSweep™ Pickup Features
  • MaxiSweep™ Speed and Peformance: The MaxiSweep™ pickup is designed to give you unsurpassed performance. Flare-to-flare width ranges from 77.5 inches on the BigBaler 230 Plus and 330 Plus Standard to 92.6 inches on the BigBaler 340 Plus CropCutter™ model.
  • “S"-Shaped Side Shielding: This industry-exclusive design works to maintain crop flow into the augers. Material can even enter from the sides, especially important when picking up crop material at the edge of over-width windrows. The industry secret—top-undershot and bottom-overshot augers work in conjunction with the integrated crop flares to maintain constant, fast crop flows when negotiating curved windrows or slicing through overlapping end rows. Space between the end of the crop flare and outside tines is minimal to prevent crop from being missed.
  • Standard Roller Windguard: The roller windguard is a standard feature. It rides the contour of the windrow on spring suspension to compress the windrow as it enters the pickup for increased throughput and better flow in extra-heavy windrows. Another standard feature is the full-width feed assist roller. Combined with the counter-rotating augers, it maintains constant and fast crop flow in the packer or rotor – a key component of continuous and high-capacity feeding.
  • Fast, Simple Adjustments: Adjusting pickup flotation is quick with no tools required. The spring-loaded suspension system maintains the pickup contact with the ground, even in rough, uneven terrain at high speeds. Spring-loaded gauge wheel adjustment means no tools required and nothing gets lost.
  • Beefy Construction: Longer and thicker pickup tines are more durable and effective. Strong 2-mm profiled pickup guards with welded tine bar supports, as well as stronger cam and cam bearings increase durability and pickup performance. Thick frame and side sheets increase rigidity—important when operating at higher speeds, driving over pivot tracks and uneven terrain.
  • Optional Castering Gauge Wheel: The factory-fitted castering gauge wheel option allows the pickup to follow the ground when following curvy windrows and during turn-rows. A heavy-duty turf tire option is available from the factory.
CropCutter™ Feeding System Features
  • Get The Benefits of Shorter Chop Length: Chopping crop as it’s fed into the baler provides a number of advantages. The shorter particle length allows for tighter packing of material in the bale, better fermentation in silage bales due to less air in the bale and more anaerobic bacteria activity. Cutting silage, hay or straw bales also allows for more efficient feeding and spreading of material. New Holland offers two CropCutter™ processing options—the high-performance Rotor Cutter feeding system and the more simple, economical Packer Cutter system.
  • Rotor Cutter (BigBaler 330 Plus/340 Plus Only): New Holland’s Rotor Cutter System gives you a widest range of chop lengths to match specific forage requirements. Select from two cut length configurations—the short cut configuration delivers chop length as small as 1.5 inches, while the medium cut configuration delivers a chop length of 3.0 inches. The proven W-shaped rotor pattern divides the power requirement equally and also ensures an equal distribution of crop. The rotor now matches the width of the pre-compression chamber for straight-through, smoother crop flow, increased flake density and capacity.
  • Abrasion Resistant Option: A new abrasion resistant rotor feeder option is available from the factory, and provides high wear resistance when working in cornstalks and sugarcane trash.
  • Slide-Out Knife Drawer: The industry-leading, one-piece, slide-out knife drawer makes knife inspection and sharpening fast and easy. Sharp knives require less power and lead to a more consistent cut length.
  • Packer Cutter (Big Baler 230 Plus/330 Plus Only): The simple, effective Packer Cutter uses three packer forks and six double tines to feed the crop through a set of serrated knives and into the pre-compression chamber. It allows for chop lengths as short as 4.5 inches. The packer slip clutch features a more durable design for long life and reliable performance. For convenience, you can engage and disengage the cutter function from the tractor seat. Unlike competitive designs using tines or rotor lobes of the same length, New Holland’s staggered tine lengths/rotor lobes prevent the crop from pinching, which reduces crop damage, accelerated baler wear and the need for increased tractor horsepower. A fill-flow floor improves crop flow in high-moisture conditions.
Precompression System Features
  • An Industry-Leading System That's Now Even Better: BigBaler Plus hay balers feature a bale chamber that has been extended by 31.5 inches or 31% compared to previous models. The change results in an increase in bale density of up to 10%, and allows you to bale all day long without popping twine in the heat of the day.
  • Perfect Flakes. Perfect Bales: New Holland’s industry-leading pre-compression chamber ensures perfect flake formation, and the three-way density system builds solid bales. SmartFill™ bale flake formation indicators ensure consistent performance in any windrow or field condition. Sensors located at the beginning of the pre-charge chamber give the operator real-time feedback on the incoming crop flow. If the sensors detect uneven flow, an arrow appears on the monitor to inform the operator to steer either right or left. It’s simple —follow the arrows to make great bales!
  • Headland Detection Helps Maintain Density: New Holland has improved automatic density control by adding headland detection. When the system detects five consecutive inactive plunger strokes, headland mode engages to reduce density fluctuation and eliminate a load drop after a headland for more stable bale density.
  • Industry-Leading Precompression Technology: New Holland’s pre-compression chamber and stuffer system are unmatched in reliability and consistent bale formation. Crop holding fingers retain crop until desired density is achieved, then paddles at the bottom of the chamber trip to start stuffer motion. The heavy-duty cast shuttle feeder moves the heaviest crop in to the chamber. This action is fine-tuned so the stuffer speeds up as it pushes flakes into the chamber. The result is filled corners for perfect, square bales in any crop.
  • Patented “C"-Shaped Cast Shuttle Design: The strong shuttle handles the high feeder speeds for more capacity. While competitive designs have welded stress points, New Holland uses a more durable, three-point pivoting design that provides a mechanical advantage for smooth operation.
  • Reinforced Plunger Moves At High Speed For Maximum Capacity: The heavy-duty plunger is more durable for up to 50% longer plunger life. The heavy-duty plunger hammers out the dense, uniform, extra-large bales you demand with 48 strokes per minute. Combined with the constant monitoring of the proven three-way density system, the resulting bales withstand extended storage and intensive handling.
  • Density Control—even Without Electronics: New Holland pioneered the first self-contained hydraulic bale density system 25 years ago. Today, New Holland Big Balers still offer a system that gives you adaptable performance in any condition. Even if electronics fail, you can still adjust and monitor density with a convenient pressure gauge on the baler tongue – a feature not available on many competitive balers.
Knotters Features
  • Less Risk of Twine Breakage: The gentler bale drop of BigBaler Plus Series balers allows for operation closer to twine knot strength without twine breakage—even in the hottest hours of the day.
  • Reliable, Accurage Tying: Reliability and accuracy come standard with New Holland’s double knot system. And, New Holland anodizes the knotters rather than painting them, ensuring your BigBaler Plus baler ties flawlessly right away, without waiting for excessive/uneven paint to wear away, and ensuring that knotters won’t rust in the future and cause misties.
  • The Double Tie Knotting Advantage: High density is guaranteed with no stress on the knotter. Two twine feed positions mean that the twine is not held in the knotter frame while the bale is being built. In one fluid motion, the needles deliver the twine to complete the finished bale and, on the return stroke, tie the first knot for the new bale.
  • Immediate Tie Alert: Individual miss-tie sensors are standard equipment to identify the individual knotter that miss-tied. When a bale is tied correctly, the monitor alerts the operator with an alarm and shows a symbol on the monitor.
  • Knotter Shielding: The redesigned knotter shielding keeps knotters free from debris. New Holland used advanced fluid dynamics to analyze air flow and eliminate “dead” spots of air that could lead to debris build up. The result keeps BigBalers tying flawlessly in the dustiest crops. Three fans are standard on BigBaler 340 Plus models and two fans on the BigBaler 230 Plus and 330 Plus. A new optional air compressor kit is available for working in the harshest conditions such as corn fodder or dry rotary straw.
  • More Twine: Twine storage area accommodates 32 twine balls so you can work longer before a refill is needed. The boxes are sealed between the service deck and top of the shield to eliminate twine box debris buildup.
Electronic Bale Control Features
  • The IntelliView™ Advantage: New Holland IntelliView™ touchscreen color monitors are simple to use and put complete control at your fingertips. Choose between two options—the seven-inch IntelliView™ III monitor or the 10.5-inch IntelliView™ IV monitor for wide-screen viewing.
  • Put Eyes In The Back of Your Head: An optional rear-mounted viewing camera allows you to view bale delivery and accumulator activity in real time on the IntelliView™ monitor. With the larger IntelliView IV monitor, you can choose full screen or split screen viewing, or you can view one as an inset picture while still monitoring baler functions. You can also add a second camera if to monitor other baler functions.
  • Data Logging: The IntelliView™ monitor systems allow you to save bale weight, moisture, yield monitoring, GPS drop points and other valuable data to track jobs and field/crop performance (if equipped with New Holland Precision Land Management™ equipment).
  • Cropid™ Tracking System: All data for individual bales is tracked and stored in the IntelliView™ monitor as a standard feature. The award-winning, optional CropID™ system gives you the convenience of storing all of that valuable information with the bale. The system applies a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag to each individual bale allowing you to come back at a later time with a scanner to retrieve data at for ultimate bale traceability.
  • Optional On-The-Go Bale Weighing: The multi-award-winning ActiveWeigh™ on-the-go bale weight system boasts industry-leading accuracy of +/- 2%. It is integrated with the soft drop two-piece roller bale chute and measures the weight of the bale at the exact moment it balances on the rear of the roller chute prior to tipping off onto the ground.
  • Electronic Bale Length: New Holland offers a bale length control option that guarantees the highest level of precision. “Smart” star wheels track the actual length of the bale and trigger the knotters at exactly the right time. You set length using the monitor (118 inches maximum with this option).
  • Crop RFV™ System: During baling, the Crop RFV system measures the weight of the bale and moisture content based on the leaf-to-stem ratio to calculate your Relative Feed Value (RFV), the nutritional value of the bale. Pair the CropID™ system or a dye marker kit to easily identify bales within a specific RVF range, making feeding even easier.
  • Moisture Sensor: The BigBaler Plus moisture sensor uses two star wheels to penetrate the bale, and passes an electric current between the two elements to determine the exact moisture of the bale. This information is displayed on the IntelliView™ monitor. This prevents operators from baling crop that isn’t ready and allows for the precise application of CropSaver™ additive.
  • CropSaver™ Preservative: When you treat hay with New Holland CropSaver™ hay preservative, you can bale hay at moistures up to 30% without worry of heating or mold damage. This means you can start baling earlier and stay in the field later to get done on your schedule, no matter what the weather is doing. CropSaver preservative also helps to maintain both the fresh smell and green color of hay, even after it's stored. Choose an electronic applicator control system to set and maintain a constant application rate, or an optional automatic control system that accurately senses moisture on the go and adjusts the application of preservative every three seconds to match the condition of the hay.
Ejection and Bale Placement Features
  • Widest Range of Chute Options: No matter which type of chute you choose, bales drop more gently to the ground, thanks to the extended bale chamber. A single-piece roller bale chute comprised of all rollers allows the bale to glide effortlessly out of the bale chamber to the ground. The deluxe, industry-exclusive, soft-drop, two-piece roller bale chute features a tilt-table design for gentle handing of heavy bales for fewer broken strings.
  • Partial or Full Bale Eject: NEW Partial and Full Bale-Eject™ systems feature an active teeth system for more durability and reliable bale ejection. New Holland’s Partial Bale-Eject™ system allows you to eject the last full, tied bale in the chamber without affecting the untied bale in front of it. Then you’re ready for transport between customers. When changing between crops, transferring to the next customer, or at the end of the season, you can completely clean out the chamber by tripping the knotters to tie off the last partial bale, then using the Full Bale-Eject™ system to eject both the complete bale and the partial bale next to the plunger. Using the appropriate hydraulic lever engages all of the teeth to quickly clean out the chamber.
  • Reduce Trips Through The Field with An Accumulator: New Holland accumulators allow you to accumulate bales and place them in the field together to reduce passes over the field and reduce fuel use. You control the accumulator using the IntelliView™ III or IntelliView™ IV monitor. The AC4104 accumulator handles haylage, straw and dry bales ranging from 4.5 to 9 feet long. Four optional automatic dump patterns allow you to arrange bales together for a package that fits your handling needs. You can eject bales in groups of 2, 3 or 4, or you can manually eject single bales.
  • 3 x 4 Vertical-Stack Accumulator Option: The VS1202 field-smart accumulator allows you to drop up to a vertical three-pack of bales to eliminate telehandler stacking time and associated field damage.
IntelliCruise™ System Features
  • Widest Range of Chute Options: The IntelliCruise™ feed rate control system uses ISOBUS technology to automatically match your tractor’s forward speed to crop load, maintaining a constant feed rate while baling. IntelliCruise is available on BigBaler 330 Plus and 340 Plus Rotor Cutter models with electronic bale length control, and requires a T7 AutoCommand™ CVT tractor. ISOBUS Class III tractor and baler unlock codes are also required. Using the IntelliCruise system results in: • Dramatically reduced operator fatigue since fewer operator interventions are needed • Up to 9% higher capacity and productivity compared to an inexperienced or fatigued operator • Up to 4% fuel savings to reduce production costs
  • Two Operational Modes: Charge Control Mode adjusts the tractor speed automatically to meet optimum capacity. The system measures the throughput of crop yield fed into the pre-charge chamber, and the time needed to fill the chamber.; Slice Control Mode adjusts the tractor speed according to bale slice thickness. The system creates the number of slices defined by the operator (with corresponding slice thickness based on pre-set bale length).
Maintenance Features
  • Larger Platform: The wide baler body of the BigBaler Plus balers includes a larger platform to make more comfortable to clean off the baler at the end of a busy day. Folding safety railings simplify shipping and provide better access to the front of knotter fans.
  • Partial or Full Bale Eject: New LED service lights provide greater visibility in all conditions. You get clear illumination in key areas — at the twine boxes, needles, knotters, right-hand and left-hand stuffer, pickup and rear safety rail.
  • Easier Hookup: Color-coded decals identify hydraulic lines to simplify tractor hookup.
  • 360° Access: Convenient service is the key to maximizing your time and keeps your baler where it belongs—in the field. Side shields flip open fully and easily. The dustproof twine box allows for the storage of a maximum of 32 twine balls to keep you going during long work days. A foldable, magnetic-locking ladder provides safe access to flat service deck for easy access to the knotters.
  • Exclusive One-Piece Front Shield: The single-piece, two-stage front shield glides open easily on gas struts. The shield opens partially for fast access to all service points, and fully for complete access to all areas for cleaning. For added safety, the flywheel brake must be engaged in order to open the hood.
  • Automatic Oiling and Greasing: For your peace of mind, standard automatic oiling and centralized greasing systems keep all chains oiled and major grease points lubricated, including the plunger bearings and knotters to reduce maintenance and increase reliability.
  • Optional Comfort Pack: This option adds the convenience of a mounted 2.5-gallon water tank for hand washing, a large toolbox and a hand rail on the right side of the service deck.
Bale Dimensions
  • Width in. (mm): 31.5 (800)
  • Height in. (mm): 35.4 (900)
  • Maximum length in. (mm): 108 (3000)
Tractor Requirements
  • Minimum PTO power hp: 116
  • PTO speed rpm: 1000
Hydraulic Remotes
  • Single axle: 3
  • Tandem Axle: 3
Main Drive
  • Protection: Shearbolt, overrunning clutch and slip clutch
  • Flywheel weight lbs. (kg): 538 (244)
Maxisweep™ Pick-Up
  • Width-flare to flare in. (mm): 77.5 (1968)
  • Width-tine to tine in. (mm): 70.2 (1782)
  • Flotation: Adjustable spring
  • Hydraulic pick-up lift: Standard
  • Gauge wheels 15 X 6.00-6-4ply: 2
  • Pick-up protection: Slip clutch
  • Torque Setting ft. lbs. (Nm): 1069 (1450)
Cropcutter™ System
  • Abrasion resistant knife options: 6
  • Knife distance in. (mm): 4.5 (114)
  • Knife removal: From the front
  • Knife activation, in - out: Hydraulic
  • Knife protection: Individual springs
Feeding System
  • Feeder: 3 packer forks; 6 double tines
  • Feeder protection: Slip clutch
  • Stuffer: Fork type with 6 tines
  • Stuffer protection: Shearbolt
  • Pre-compression chamber, volume ft.3 (m³): 8.8 (0.25)
  • Speed strokes/min: 48
  • Length of stroke in. (mm): 28 (710)
Tying System
  • Type: Double knot type
  • Number of twines: 4
  • Knotter fan type: Electric
  • Knotter fan number: 2
  • Knotter function alert: IntelliView™ monitor and visual
  • Knotter lubrication: Automatic greasing
  • Twine ball capacity: 32
Bale Density System
  • Proportional 3-way control: IntelliView™ monitor controlled
  • Manual override: Standard
Electronic Control System
  • ISO 11783 connection ready: Standard
  • IntelliView™ III touch screen color monitor: Optional
  • IntelliView™ IV touch screen color monitor: Optional
  • Single axle: 600/55X22.5 12 PR or 700/40X22.5 16 PR
  • Tandem axle with Auto-Steer™: 500/50X17 14 PR
  • Large wheeled tandem axle with Auto-Steer™: 550/45XR22.5
Baler Dimensions
  • Length chute closed (single piece) in. (mm): 294.4 (7477)
  • Width (single axle 600/55X22.5 12PR tires) in. (mm): 101.1 (2568)
  • Width (single axle 700/40XR22.5 16 PR tires) in. (mm): 102.5 (2604)
  • Width (tandem axle 500/50X17 14PR tires) in. (mm): 94.4 (2398)
  • Width (large wheeled tandem axle 550/45XR22.5 tires) in. (mm): 98.1 (2492)
  • Height (single axle) in. (mm): 123.3 (3133)
  • Height (tandem axle) in. (mm): 123.3 (3133)



294.4 in. (7477 mm)
101.1 in. (2568 mm)
123.3 in. (3133 mm)


Recommended HP
116 PTO hp

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