2018 New Holland Agriculture ProTed™ Rotary Tedders 3417

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ProTed™ Rotary Tedders 3417



  • Proted Rotary Tedders - The Gentle Way To Dry Hay: Don't risk ruined hay! Improve your odds and bale or chop sooner—before it rains—with the help of a New Holland ProTed™ rotary tedder. Models ranging from 17'1" to 36' 1"tedding width, the ProTed is the right choice for your application.
Tedder Details Features
  • Gentle Fluffing Action: A ProTed rotary tedder helps you make high-quality hay even in difficult weather conditions. Tedding “fluffs” your crop and distributes it evenly to expose damp hay to sunlight and air, which carries the moisture away. This speeds drying time so you can bale before bad weather hits. If showers hit unexpectedly, use your ProTed tedder to spread damp hay for quick drying. The tines used on the ProTed tedders offer stability, flexibility, and longevity. They are also adjustable to provide optimum spreading and fluffing.
  • Heavy Duty Reliability: All three ProTed models feature our new, heavy-duty, boxed-frame design and the ProTed™ modular rotor-gearbox. Unlike lesser designs, ProTed rotor gearboxes do not serve as part of the frame. They are bolted to the strong, fully welded main fame. The gearboxes feature reliable crown-and-pinion drives. The ProTed 3114 requires periodic greasing, but permanent oil bath lubrication on the two larger models simplifies daily maintenance. Large drive shafts and double universal joints transmit power through the frame allowing each rotor to track your field contours with precision. The hexagonal drive shaft profile eliminates keys and keyways which can weaken the shaft or fail under heavy crop loads.
  • Adjustable Rotor Angle: Because not all crop conditions are the same, ProTed™ 3625 and ProTed™ 3836 feature adjustable wheel columns to provide three rotor angle adjustments, improving control and helping produce impeccable tedding quality.
  • Border Tedding: The ProTed 3625 and ProTed 3836 feature hydraulically activated border tedding systems which angle models to prevent unintentionally spreading material onto adjacent fences or fields, so you keep more of your valuable crop.
  • Safe, Secure, and Easy Transporting: When its time for haying season, farmers won’t want to be slowed down by taking the time to manually fold the tedder. The ProTed rotary tedders fold hydraulically for trouble free transition between work and transport. The compact transport dimensions of all three models provide for safe and secure transporting and easier maneuvering compared to rear folding models.
  • Tedding width ft. in. (m): 17' 1" (5.20)
  • Transport width ft. in. (m): 9' 6" (2.90)
  • Transport length ft. in. (m): 8' 6" (2.60)
  • Transport height ft. in. (m): 8' 8" (2.64)
  • Weight lbs. (kg): 904 (410)
  • Tractor attachment: Drawbar
  • Minimum power equipment hp (kw): 20 (15)
  • Hydraulic requirements: 1 Single acting remote
  • Number of rotors: 4
  • Number of tine arms per rotor: 6
  • Automatic tine height control for transport: Standard
  • Low-maintenance lubricated rotor gearboxes: Grease
  • Undercarriage tire size: 4 - 16x6.5-8



8 ft. 6 in. (2.60 m)
9 ft. 6 in. (2.90 m)
Working Width
17 ft. 1 in. (5.20 m)
904 lb. (410 kg)


Number of Rotors
Power Requirement
20 hp (15 kW)

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