2018 New Holland Agriculture Discbine® Center-Pivot Mower-Con 312 (Steel)

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New Holland Agriculture
Discbine® Center-Pivot Mower-Con 312 (Steel)



  • High Productivity. Versatile Operation. Easy To Own: Center-pivot Discbine® 310 and 312 disc mower-conditioners mow cleanly and maneuver quickly to speed up your hay and forage making. They offer productive 10' 4" and 11' 6" cutting widths, simple maintenance and a modest 80- and 87-PTO-horsepower requirement that makes them easy to own.
  • Time-Saving Maneuverability: The productive center-pivot design lets you lay down long continuous swaths that save time throughout the haymaking process. By alternating from left to right on each pass, you improve your efficiency from cutting and through baling or harvesting. The Discbine 310 and 312 are at home in large fields as well as small or oddly shaped ones. The standard swivel gearbox hitch allows turns greater than 90° while the PTO angle remains virtually unchanged to practically eliminate driveline chatter and wear through the tightest turns. Transport width is no wider than the cutting width for easy movement between farm and field.
  • Fast, Smooth Cutting: You cut every bit of crop when you choose a Discbine® 310 or 312 disc mower-conditioner. The new low-profile disc cutterbar gets all the crop and leaves clean, good-looking mown fields. Shallow working angle also means crop flows smoothly over the cutterbar into the conditioner for even conditioning. The high-capacity counter-rotating discs move crop rearward, out of the knife path and into the conditioner.
  • Ready For Any Crop: Whether you're mowing alfalfa, clover, orchard grass, timothy, bermuda grass, bahia, grass, fescue, cereal rye, forage wheat or oats, a Discbine 310 or 312 mower-conditioners make quick work of mowing and preparing your crop for baling or chopping.
  • Conditioning Systems For Fast Drying: You'll produce nutritious, high-value feed with your choice of two conditioning systems—the gentle conditioning of rubber chevron-intermeshing rolls that save delicate leaves, or the Y-tine flail system for fast drying of grass hay. Both conditioning systems cover 85% of the working width for high capacity, and produce well-formed, fast-drying windrows and wide swaths.
  • Easy Switch From Swath To Windrow: All Discbine models feature fast and easy windrow shield and swath gate adjustments, without tools, so you can quickly adjust to crop and moisture conditions and your harvesting method. Spread the cut crop in a fast-drying swath or into a tight, three-foot-wide windrow that's ready to bale or chop.
Disc Cutterbar Features
  • Low-Profile Disc Cutterbar: You cut every bit of crop with a disc cutterbar that mows at a shallow angle, slicing cleanly through the lightest grass or toughest down and tangled crops, and producing uniform stubble height for clean, good-looking mown fields. The high-capacity counter-rotating discs move crop rearward, out of the knife path and into the conditioner.
  • Peace of Mind and Simplified Maintenance That Saves Time: Large-diameter gear wheels operate in a sealed oil bath for continuous lubrication, and top-serviceable disc drive modules ensure strength, reliability and easy ownership. A single cutterbar oil change point makes for convenient and simple periodic maintenance.
  • Built-In Protection: Special replaceable counter knives positioned between each disc provide extra frontal protection and are raised to deflect bent or damaged knives. For added peace of mind, the cutterbar is outfitted with combined skid shoe and rock guards that extend beyond the disc path, protecting each disc while providing full coverage completely enclosing the underside.
  • Simple, Convenient Adjustments: Working in difficult conditions? It’s easy to adjust cutting height from less than one inch to nearly four inches, or outfit the cutterbar with optional raised skid shoes to cut over five-inches high. A cutterbar angle indicator is included for precise, fast, and easy adjustments.
  • Accurate and Responsive Mower Suspension: A unique suspension geometry allows the Discbine 310 and 312 cutterbar to tip back on the skid shoes and follow contours to maintain a consistent knife height. In the event of a collision, the responsive system allows the cutterbar to rise up and over obstructions.
Conditioning Rolls or Flails Features
  • Your Choice of Proven Roll or Flail Conditioning: Select the conditioning system that matches your crops and conditions.
  • Chevron Intermeshing Rubber Rolls: Gentle chevron rubber intermeshing rolls provide full-stem crimping and cracking with a scrubbing action while handling the leaves of high-value feeds delicately, making it the ultimate solution for alfalfa and clover. This is possible because of the intermeshing fit and chevron profile of the lugs that grip the crop and generate an even crop flow to spread into fast-drying swaths or neatly formed windrows.
  • Steel Y-Tine Flails (310, 312): The fast rotating Y-tines efficiently strip wax from difficult-to-dry grasses. Simply adjust the conditioning hood to control the conditioning intensity. Raising the hood increases tine clearance while lowering the hood decreases tine clearance for higher intensity conditioning. A low-speed rotor kit is also available for delicate grass crops.
QuickMax™ Knife Change System Features
  • Stay Sharp--Change Knives More Quickly: Maintenance is fast and cut quality is assured because the QuickMax system is standard equipment on Discbine 310 and 312 models.
  • Saves Precious Time: Time is precious when you’re making hay, and the new QuickMax system allows you to quickly change damaged knives or flip an entire set so your cut quality is assured.
  • Unique Knife-Change Tool: The special knife release tool easily frees the blade from the disc without wrenches. Flip the existing blade or swap it out for new so you never need to compromise on cut quality.
  • Cutting width ft. in. (m): 11' 6" (3.51)
  • Cutterbar type: Low profile disc cutterbar
  • Number of discs: 9
  • Knives per disc: 2
  • Tilt angle degrees: 0-9°
  • Flotation: Top Safe cutterbar angle & vertical movement
  • Theoretical cutting height in (mm): 1-3.9 (25-100)
  • Cutting height w/opt. high-stubble shoes in (mm): 2.2-5.1 (55-130)
Steel Y-Tine Flail Conditioner
  • Type: Y-Tine Flail Rotor with 86 flails
  • Drive method: Belt driven
  • Speed rpm: 1000
  • Conditioner gap adjustment: Central, Single point
Crop Discharge
  • Swath width ft. (m): 9.2 (2.8)
  • Windrow width ft. (m): 4-6.5 (1.2-2.0)
  • PTO shaft spline/size: 1 3/8- 21 Spline
  • Input speed rpm: 1000 (only)
  • Drive protection: Combined Friction Slip & Overrunning Clutch Assembly
  • Type: Center Pivot
  • Hitch type: 2-point semi mounted swivel hitch attachment, Category II Only (Not quick hitch compatible)
Tractor Requirements
  • Minimum PTO power requirement hp (kw): 87 (64)
  • Hydraulic circuits required: 1 SA, 1 DA
  • 3-pt. hitch category: Category II, Three-point
  • Tires: 380/55-17 Tubeless Ag Rib Implement Tires
  • Transport speed mph (kph): 20 (32)
  • Width transporting ft. in. (m): 11' 4" (3.46)
  • Width operating ft. in. (m): 17' 10" (5.45)
  • Length transport ft. in. (m): 21' (6.41)
  • Height transport ft. in. (m): 6' 5" (1.95)
  • Ground clearance with head fully raised in. (mm): 19 (481)
  • Weight lbs (kg): 5776 (620)



Working Width
11 ft. 6 in. (3.51 m)
11 ft. 4 in. (3.46 m)
21 ft. (6.41 m)
5776 lb. (620 kg)
Recommended HP
87 hp (64 kW)

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