2017 New Holland Agriculture Discbine® Disc Mower-Conditioners Discbine® 313 (roll)

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Discbine® Disc Mower-Conditioners Discbine® 313 (roll)



Key Features
  • Peace Of Mind Direct From The Factory: When you buy any new Discbine® disc mower-conditioner equipped with a MowMax™ or MowMax™ II disc cutterbar, you’re covered with one full year of base factory warranty, plus two additional years of disc cutterbar coverage. Cut confidently. Cut with New Holland.
  • The Definition Of Disc Mower-Conditioners: Even in tough conditions, a genuine Discbine disc mower-conditioner swiftly turns heavy crop into fast-drying windrows or swaths. An extensive model lineup provides you with numerous reliable choices. From the economical seven-disc models with a modest, nine-foot cut up to the highly productive 10-disc models that quickly knock down sixteen-foot with every pass, there’s a model that’s suitable for your acreage and operation.
  • A Cut Above The Rest: Mowmax™ And Mowmax™ Ii Cutterbars: H7000 Series models cutting up to 10’ 4" inches feature the proven reliability and performance of the classic MowMax disc cutterbar. For the greatest capacity, Discbine® Series 313 and 316 center-pivot models feature the MowMax II disc cutterbar, a cutterbar designed for the higher demands of large harvesting operations. It incorporates the large discs and heavy-duty components also found on Durabine™ disc heads for New Holland Speedrower® self-propelled windrowers.
  • Conditioning Systems For Fast Drying: You’ll harvest crops quickly and produce nutritious, high-value feed with your choice of three conditioning systems. Choose the gentle conditioning of rubber chevron-intermeshing rolls that save delicate leaves, steel chevron rolls for winter forage or long-stem and cane grasses, or LeaningEdge™ flails for fast drying of grass hay.
  • Fast And Simple In-Field Servicability: MowMax and MowMax II cutterbars feature a true modular design for smooth, quiet, trouble-free mowing as well as fast and inexpensive servicing. Driven through individually sealed gearboxes with dedicated oil reservoirs, modules are never at risk for oil starvation while cutting on hillsides. In the event that your mower hits an obstruction, the exclusive New Holland ShockPRO™ hubs absorb harmful impacts, protecting the cutterbar drive from damage. Even better, they’re quick to replace in the field so you can keep cutting when the weather is right. Accidents happen and in the event of a significant collision, the true modular MowMax concept fully contains damage to the effected module to minimize damage to the rest of the cutterbar. How? Break a knife? MowMax II cutterbars now feature optional QuickMax™ knives that provide you with the ability to change out knives in a matter of seconds.
H7000 Series Side-Pull Features
  • Clean And Reliable Mowmax™ Cutting: H7000 side-pull Discbine® disc mower-conditioners mow cleanly and smoothly through tough conditions. Featuring the classic and reliable MowMax cutterbar, these Discbines have cutting widths of 9’ 2” and 10’ 4”. Like the newer MowMax™ II cutterbar, the classic MowMax cutterbar features the New Holland true modular design with ShockPRO™ disc drive hubs.
  • Mowmax Cutterbars: Making Tall Hayfields Look Like Close-Cut Lawns: Close cutting is standard with all MowMax cutterbars. How close? Less than one inch, which makes your tall hayfields look like close-cut lawns after you’re finished mowing. Low-profile-design rock guards allow the cutterbar to run at a shallower angle on the ground for less wear, less damage and a more consistent cut height. The Discbine® header is suspended independently from the trail frame, allowing it to closely follow changing ground contours and reducing stubble damage and skid shoe wear. Use the adjustable header flotation springs and the 2- to 10-degree cutting angle adjustment to cut your valuable crop. A mechanical cutting angle adjustment is standard on 9’ 2’’ models, but a hydraulic control is provided as standard on 10’ 4’’ models for precision on-the-go cutting height adjustments.
  • The Shockpro™ Advantage: ShockPRO™ hubs save you hassle, time, and repair costs by heading off potential damage to gears and module drive shafts. They absorb the impact, protecting drive components, and are quick to replace in the field so you can keep mowing when the weather is right.
  • 3-Year Mowmax™ Disc Cutterbar Warranty: New Holland backs the MowMax™ disc cutterbar with three full years of factory warranty. That’s three full years including the base one-year base machine warranty plus two additional years on the cutterbar assembly excluding common wearing parts. See your authorized New Holland dealer for complete program details.
  • H7220 And H7320: The smallest models of the Discbine family, the H7220 and H7320, provide a 9’ 2” cutting width and narrow transport, which is ideal for mowing tight spaces and passing through narrow entrances. The H7220 features a chevron-design intermeshing rubber-roll conditioning system, while the H7320 comes with a LeaningEdge™ flail conditioner. The 540-rpm drive and low horsepower requirement mean you can mow and condition your crop for fast drying with as little as 65 PTO horsepower. A straight tongue with a clevis hitch is featured on both models.
  • H7230 And H7330: These two models make a 10' 4'' cut and require only 80 PTO horsepower for operation. H7230 mowers offer the choice between a chevron-style intermeshing steel or rubber roll conditioning system, while the H7330 is equipped with the LeaningEdge flail system. A curved tongue with a clevis hitch is featured on both models. Looking to make sharper turns? A two-point swivel hitch or drawbar swivel hitch (shown) are also available to provide 90° turns while eliminating tire scuffing and making headland turns easier. The swivel gearbox maintains the PTO angle straight through the turn, eliminating constant velocity joints and extending driveline life and reliability.
Discbine® 313 And 316 Center-Pivot Features
  • Closer Cutting. Faster Drydown. Increased Durability: Center-pivot Discbines are redefining the disc mower-conditioner industry by taking mowing performance to new levels. The 13-foot Discbine 313 and 16-foot, three-inch Discbine 316 are designed with increased durability and features that lead to cleaner cutting, more efficient crop flow, and smoother, more effective conditioning.
  • Mowmax™ II Large-Disc Cutterbar: Originally featured on Durabine™ heads used on Speedrower® self-propelled windrowers, the rugged MowMax™ II cutterbar features larger gears, bearings, interconnecting shafts, and big 24.3-inch discs for maximum durability. All interconnecting drive shafts feature a cut spline and are heat-treated for maximum durability. A larger and heavier ShockPRO™ hub completes the drive components to protect the cutterbar driveline for maximum uptime.
  • 3-Year Mowmax™ii Disc Cutterbar Warranty: New Holland backs the MowMax™II disc cutterbar with three full years of factory warranty. That’s three full years including the base one-year base machine warranty plus two additional years on the cutterbar assembly excluding common wearing parts. See your authorized New Holland dealer for complete program details.
  • The Benefits Of Big Discs: A larger disc diameter allows for closer cutting with less cutterbar tilt for consistent cutting height without scalloping. You can easily adjust cutting height hydraulically from ¾ to 2 ¾ inches with standard skid shoes. The increased surface area of the larger discs and the “tapered skirt” disc profile provide a smoother transition of crop to the conditioner for more uniform conditioning and reduced power consumption. Enhanced durability is built into the design with heavy, full-coverage, cast rock guards for ample protection.
  • Reduced Crop Convergence: Converging disc modules have been eliminated on the Discbine 313 and reduced to just one pair on each end of the Discbine 316. This greatly improves crop flow and improves the transition of cut crop to the conditioner, which means cleaner cutting on the ends and with more uniform conditioning.
  • Wide Swaths. Fast, Even Drying: New Holland’s WideDry™ conditioning systems are over 22% wider than the conditioning systems on previous Discbine models. This results in a thinner crop mat that feeds smoothly through the conditioning system. Uniform conditioning aids in faster drying in the field. Crop transitions more smoothly from the cutterbar to the conditioning system, reducing crop feeding issues, particularly in thick grasses, cane, and other high-volume crops. Choose from chevron-patterned intermeshing rubber or steel rolls, or LeaningEdge™ flails to suit your conditioning needs.
  • Conditioning Speed Adjustments: Roll conditioning systems generate air movement that can blow lighter crop away from the cutterbar and adversely affect cutting quality. To help prevent this, you can slow roll speed from 750 rpm to 640 rpm by switching the sheaves on the roll drive. The decreased roll speed minimizes air bursts while maintaining cutterbar speed to provide excellent cut quality in light crop conditions.
  • Controlled Crop Drying: The Discbine 313 and 316 allow you to lay down a wide swath for more sun exposure and better natural drying. Wedges are mounted on the rear swath board to help spread the crop mat. Customize your windrow and swath formation using the longer, adjustable windrow shields and a swath gate that features rubber flashing for improved crop flow and a new spring-assist adjustment lever for easy changes.
  • More Responsive Flotation: Improved header suspension geometry contributes to more responsive flotation. The innovative header linkage allows the header to move up and rearward to dissipate force should you encounter an obstacle. To provide for free flotation of the head, the flotation springs are anchored to the trail frame with a ball-joint to reduce binding as the header moves through its full flotation range. In addition, tires and rims are located to the inside of the frame, allowing for better contour following on uneven terrain.
  • Simplified Drivelines: The new MowMax II cutterbar’s smart design allows driving the cutterbar from only one end, which simplifies maintenance and leaves the top of the header uncluttered. All u-joints are easily accessible for servicing, and the lube interval has been extended to 50 hours so you spend less time on maintenance.
  • Swivel Hitch Options: Choose either the drawbar swivel hitch or two-point swivel hitch and get maximum turning performance with zero driveline wrap-up. PTO power is transferred from the front swivel gearbox to a second swivel gearbox at the rear of the tongue that maintains perfect alignment of the output driveshaft to the cutterbar- and conditioner-drive gearbox on the left side of the unit.
  • Simple Maintenance. Easier Access: New Holland makes it easy to reach the cutting discs and drive components on every Discbine disc mower-conditioner. Access is even easier on the center-pivot Discbine 313 and 316. Poly bifold upper shields are light, foldable and easy to lift, and they’re more impact-resistant to dents from foreign objects. The driven-end access steel door is double layered to resist denting in that area too. Material overlap keeps curtains in place without the need for clips or magnets.
Conditioning Rolls Or Leaningedge™ Flail Features
  • Chevron Intermeshing Rubber Rolls: Gentle chevron rubber intermeshing rolls provide full-stem crimping and cracking with a scrubbing action while handling the leaves of high-value feeds delicately, making it the ultimate solution for alfalfa and clover. This is possible because of the large 10.4-inch roll diameter, the rubber compound, the intermeshing fit and profile of the lugs. These features work together to grip the crop and generate an even flow of crop through the rolls to provide an even spread into fast drying swaths or windrows.
  • Chevron Intermeshing Steel Rolls: Durable chevron steel intermeshing rolls are designed for use with all crops, but show a real advantage in cane-type crops, grain forage crops and extra-tall grass crops. The chevron pattern of the steel lugs provides aggressive full-stem crimping, smooth crop flow, and even distribution into fast drying swaths or windrows. Rugged all-steel roll construction resists wear better than rubber, providing a long life even in highly abrasive conditions.
  • Torsion-Bar Roll Pressure: Year after year, New Holland’s torsion-bar roll-pressure system is proven to be the most effective design for delivering consistent, thorough conditioning. The no-tools-required hand crank makes it easy to tailor roll pressure to the crop without crawling under the machine with wrenches. The unique, over-center linkage momentarily relieves roll pressure, allowing crop slugs or foreign objects to pass without plugging for non-stop mowing.
  • Leaningedge™ Flails: For fast drying of grass hay, choose New Holland LeaningEdge flail conditioning. The 20-degree tangent of
Quickmax™ Blade Change System Features
  • Change Knives More Quickly: The QuickMax system is available for all MowMax™II disc cutterbars as a factory option or you can upgrade your current machine by contacting your authorized New Holland dealer.
  • Saves Precious Time: Time is precious when you’re making hay, and the new QuickMax system allows you to quickly change damaged knives or flip an entire set so you’re back clean-cutting quickly. Because the QuickMax system allows you to change knives with discs at a 45-degree angle to the cutter bar, you can change blades in just one-half rotation of the cutterbar, saving you time compared to changing traditional bolted knives. Patented New Holland knife-lock technology assures knife retention in the most difficult conditions. Best of all, the system does not require the use of special blades. It works with any approved New Holland knives for your machine.
  • How It Works: Patented Eccentric Knife Nut Design- A Notch On The Back Of Each Blade Attachment Nut Ensures Best-In-Class Knife Retention.
Additional Options Features
  • Customize Your Discbine® Performance: New Holland provides you with a choice of features and options to tailor the performance of your Discbine disc mower-conditioner to your needs.
  • Easy Switch From Swath To Windrow: All Discbine models feature fast and easy windrow shield and swath gate adjustments, without tools, so you can quickly adjust to crop and moisture conditions and your harvesting method. Spread the cut crop in a fast-drying swath or into a tight, three-foot-wide windrow that’s ready to bale or chop.
  • The Advantages Of Spreading Wide And Thin: University tests confirm that the more leaves are exposed to the sun, the faster crops dry and the more feed value is retained. Quick drying reduces sun bleaching and gives you an advantage when you need to beat the weather and bale or chop before the rain. The WideDry™ conditioning system and swath board wedges features on the center-pivot Discbine 313 and 316 spread the crop wide and thin. For H7000 Series models, a wide and thin crop-spreading deflector kit is available to spread crop to the full width of cut, exposing more crop to the sun and providing faster drying. The kit is fitted to the swath gate with the windrow shields removed. Visit your New Holland dealer for complete details.
  • Replacement Knives To Match Crop And Soil Conditions: All knives feature two cutting edges and can be flipped for double the cutting life. • 14-degree smooth knives are standard and provide the best choice and value for most conditions. • 14-degree serrated knives offer extended wear in abrasive conditions. • 18-degree smooth knives (Discbine 313 and 316 only) are more effective in down crop conditions by providing more crop lift. • 18-degree serrated knives (Discbine 313 and 316 only) offer an advantage in down crops as well as extended wear in abrasive conditions. • 7-degree smooth knives offer clean cutting with less ash content, and will reduce crop blow down in light or short crops. • Rock knives are designed for durability in rocky/stony conditions.
  • A Wide Selection Of Skid Shoes: Numerous skid shoes are available to match your cutting needs.
New Holland-Disc Cutterbar
  • Type: MowMax™ II True Modular Disc Cutterbar
  • Width of Cut, ft. in. (m): 13' 0" (4)
  • Number of discs: 8
  • Number of knives: 16 (2 per disc)
  • Disc Speed, rpm: 2,250
  • Cutting angle: 2 to 10 degrees
  • Hydraulic Cutting angle control: Standard
  • Standard Cutting height skid shoe, in. (mm): Standard
  • Fixed Raised, high-stubble skid shoe: Optional
  • Adjustable Raised, high-stubble skid shoe: Optional
  • BioMass skid shoe: Optional
  • Ground clearance with header fully raised, in. (mm): 16.2" (411)
  • Cutterbar Flotation: Vertical and lateral, adjustable springs
  • QuickMax™ Knife Change System: Optional
  • ShockPro™ Disc Drive Hub protection system: Standard
  • MowMax™ 3-year cutterbar protection plan: Standard
Chevron-Design Roll Conditioner
  • Chevron-Design Roll Conditioner: Optional
  • Type.: Choice of molded rubber or steel rolls
  • Roll Length, in. (mm): 125 (3175)
  • Roll Diameter, in. (mm): 10.4 (264)
  • Roll Drive: 4 HB V-belt and enclosed gears
  • Roll Speed, rpm: Two-Speed: 750 or 640
  • Roll Pressure System: Torsion Bar
  • Conditioner Intensity Adjustment: Single crank adjustable roll pressure and two stop bolts to adjust roll gap
Leaningedge™ Flail Conditioner
  • LeaningEdge™ Flail Conditioner: Optional
  • Number of LeaningEdge flails: 120
  • Semi-Swinging LeaningEdge flail design: Standard
  • Rotor Diameter, in. (mm): 22 (560)
  • Standard Speed, rpm: 1042
  • Optional Slow Speed, rpm: 752
  • Drive.: 4 HB V-belt
  • Conditioner Intensity Adjustment.: Single crank adjustable rotor hood
  • Optional Textured Hood Liner Kit: Optional
  • Drawbar Swivel Hitch: Optional
  • 2-pt Swivel Hitch: Optional
  • Height, Transport, ft. in. (m): 7' 5" (2.26)
  • Height, Operating, ft. in. (m): 6' 7" (2.01)
  • Width, Transport, ft. in. (m): 13' 4" (4.04)
  • Width, Operating 2-pt Swivel Hitch, ft. in. (m): 21' 3" (6.5)
  • Width, Operating Drawbar Swivel Hitch, ft. in. (m): 19' 7'' (6.0)
  • Length, Transport, 2-pt Swivel Hitch, ft. in. (m): 27' 5'' (8.4)
  • Length, Transport, Drawbar Swivel Hitch, ft. in. (m): 26' 5" (8.1)
  • Length, Operating, 2-pt Swivel Hitch, ft. in. (m): 23' 0'' (7.0)
  • Length, Operating Drawbar Swivel Hitch, ft. in. (m): 22' 0'' (6.7)
  • Weight, Operating lbs. (kg): 6,275 (2846)
  • Drive: 1000 rpm PTO, enclosed gears and four HB belt
Drive Protection
  • Drive Protection: Slip clutch and over-running clutch
  • Hydraulic swing: Standard (double-acting cylinder)
  • Operating Position: Center-Pivot, Right or Left Side
  • Hydraulic lift: Standard (operated by two single-acting cylinders; master/slave)
  • Hydraulic tilt: Standard (operated by single-acting cylinder and incorporated into the lift system)
Material Discharge
  • Swath, ft. (mm): 10 (3000)
  • Windrow, ft. (mm): Adjustable from 3 to 8 (914 to 2400)
  • Operating, mph (kph): 0 to 9 (0 to 14.5)
  • Transport, mph (kph): 20 (32)
Tractor Requirement
  • Tractor Requirement: 90 PTO hp (67 kW) or greater with standard ASAE Category II or III drawbar.
  • Hydraulic valves: All models require two remote hydraulic valves capable of 1500 psi (10343 kPa), 7-pin SAE J560 connector for transport lights
Tubeless Ag Rib Implement Tires
  • Size: 12.5L x 15 8PR



Working Width
13' 0" (4)
6,275 (2846)